Dear Academicians
As we are in the start, Nodal persons are not registration of members we will try to organize districts. Till that time membership forms are to be sent to the office directly.
No need of passing through the Nodal person.
Payment is Rs 3000/- by

Online in the Account in AXIS Bank
Account No- 912010027103813
IFSC Code- UTIB0000091
In the Name of – Pediatrics Association of India
Demand Draft payable at Cuttack
At per cheque/cheque with addition of Rs 50/- as collection charges a total of Rs 3050/-

After the branch or zone will be formed the channdisation will be done through them with deduction of their seed money.
Please fill the form as per direction and return though email (no signature is required) or Hard copy(signature required), to the office in the address of.

Dr Gadadhar Sarangi
B.K. Road , Ranihat

With regards
PAI Group

N.B : Intending members supposed to be part of a group will pay Rs. 1000/- only & rest 2000/- will be paid to the affiliated Branch in a later date or as per the convenience.

Membership Privileges of PAI

Must- MBBS from a MCI recognized Institute Registration certificate from State or Central body
Plus- MD (Ped.) / DCH (Ped.) / Maternity & Child health (MCH) from any university / 10 year pediatric Practice after MBBS. Any one will be acceptable.
Payment Details- Rs 3000/- per member duration of membership 10 years to be renewed after 10 year with existing fees at that time Rs. 1500/- per member will remain in the district as seed money. Rest Rs. 1500/- per member will be sent to the centre if a district is formed already. Otherwise remit Rs. 3000/- to the office.

Membership Privileges-
1: Will be issued a laminated certificate.
2: Members will be given password to access the Journal free of cost from our website.
3: Other publications at subsidized cost/free.
4: After 10 year of continuous membership with 2 publications in Journal of PAI +2 in any other accepted Journal / Journal of PAI.
Conduction of three events like CMEs, Zonal Conference (in Organizing team), National conference in organizing team with 50 CME hours.
Working as the President of a Zone / Organizing Secretary of a National / Zonal Conference Fellowship (FPAI) will be automatically awarded. No examiners will be fixed or formal application will be invited.
5. Can attend National and Zonal Conferences. Attendance of one National Conference every 4 years and one Zonal conference every 3 year is a must, without which the membership can be terminated. The district will look after this.
6. Unsuitable member’s membership can be provisionally terminated by Governing body with majority votes at any time. This cannot be challenged in Court of law. It will be send to EB for concurrence. If EB puts its signature in majority votes then his membership will stand cancelled which cannot be challenged.
7. The membership of any member Convicted by the Court of law in Indian Union shall get terminated.
8. Member in whose name a case is filed in Court and accepted for trial will not be allowed to contest any election.
9. Information will be provided by Email Notices also will be served by email. The member will be informed by SMS about such mail being sent to them.
10. Members can take up the office bearer position by election as elaborated.
11. The legal cell will help members in distress due to consumer courts or any other legal mater related to the profession only.
12. The members in Academics will invite those in service sector as visiting consultant to their units for a week to a month. So they can refresh and enrich their knowledge. Members in Academics will be invited to the nearby districts to be resource persons in CMEs.
13. In event of demise of any member a benefit scheme will be planned with least administrative cost. Member will pay for themselves only. Office will handle it only.
14. Membership Benefit Scheme
15. Member will contribute Rs. 400/- each in the event of death of any member within 70 years if he is a member of this scheme.
16. Membership is open from 25 years to 60 years. No benefit beyard 70 years and the programme will be terminated.

Basic Payment:- To channalise the money Rs. 4200/- as one time charge will be taken which is refundable in the end of 20 years or at 70 year of age. After 20 years completion of membership the refund will be with bonus of minimum Rs. 4000/- or the actual whichever is higher.
Bonus Calculation = Total money with the scheme – 4200 X No of Members X year of Membership 2 X No. of Members 30 The corporate will be approached to donate to the scheme. 5% from the excess of any conference will come to the scheme.
15. The Medico legal Support
PAI will tie up with any Medicolegal. Society of India as a group member. Individual member can get benefit by paying as per their members. However as Pediatricians are supposed to end up with minimal damage, care will be taken in deciding the remuneration.
16. Support of the members visiting to another area. The member will be accepted as a guest to the district he is visiting, His/her tour, work and stay will be made easy by the help of our members there. Thought the member has to pay but the value for return will be properly looked after by local members.
A group insurance will be planned; whichever is beneficial will be accepted.
17. PAI will have International affiliation for its members. They can attend International events though PAI.
18. Any member visiting to an area where a district of PAI exists will be helped in his mission be it tourism or otherwise. If any member will accept him/her as a guest he/she will be provided with a certificate of appreciation from the district of Origin of the member.
19. Individual members may help/get helped by personally hosting others for education or training.
Kindly suggest changes if any. Addition or subtractions are most welcome.